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Fairfield ISD
615 Post Oak Road
Fairfield, Texas 75840
Phone: 903-389-2532
Fax: 903-389-7050
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katherine.johnson , katherine.johnson
katherine.johnson@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield High School View Website
 Katie Allen Allen, Katie
5th Grade Teacher
katie.allen@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
 Cristina Allred Allred, Cristina
cristina.allred@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Junior High School View Website
Dawn Anders Anders, Dawn
Pre K Teacher
dawn.anders@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Elementary School View Website
 Sandahl Anderson Anderson, Sandahl
Art Teacher
sandahl.anderson@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Junior High School View Website
 Michelle Atkeisson Atkeisson, Michelle
Science Teacher
michelle.atkeisson@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield High School View Website
 Mary Awalt Awalt, Mary
6th Grade Teacher
mary.awalt@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Junior High School View Website
 John Bachtel Bachtel, John
Athletic Director Boys
john.bachtel@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield High School View Website
 Stacy Bachtel Bachtel, Stacy
PE Teacher
stacy.bachtel@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
 Bryan Baize Baize, Bryan
bryan.baize@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Junior High School View Website
 Christen Baize Baize, Christen
4th Grade Teacher
christen.baize@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
 Kris Ballew Ballew, Kris
Teacher/Coach - Social Studies
kris.ballew@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield High School View Website
Ann Ballew Ballew, Ann
Kindergarten Teacher
ann.ballew@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Elementary School View Website
Billy Barlow Barlow, Billy
Police Chief
billy.barlow@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield ISD View Website
Shelley Baxter Baxter, Shelley
Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
shelley.baxter@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Elementary School View Website
Emily  Beaver Beaver, Emily
Kindergarten Teacher
emily .beaver@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Elementary School View Website
Michele Bogle Bogle, Michele
michele.bogle@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
Rashonda Bonner Bonner, Rashonda
rashonda.bonner@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
 Lynda Book Book, Lynda
3rd Grade Teacher
lynda.book@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
 Rachel Bossier Bossier, Rachel
Gifted and Talented
rachel.bossier@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
 Rachel Bossier Bossier, Rachel
1/3 Teacher
rachel.bossier@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Junior High School View Website
Rachel Bossier Bossier, Rachel
Gited and Talented Teacher
rachel.bossier@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Elementary School View Website
 Nancy Briley Briley, Nancy
Peims Clerk
nancy.briley@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield High School View Website
 Rosa Brown Brown, Rosa
rosa.brown@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Intermediate School View Website
JT Brown Brown, JT
jt.brown@fairfieldisd.orgFairfield Junior High School View Website
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