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Community & Student Engagement Rating
District Fairfield ISD ------- Federal Report Card 2015-16  -------  
High School High School High School High School FHS Funding High School
Junior High Junior High Junior High Junior High FJH Funding Junior High
Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate FIS Funding Intermediate
Elementary Elementary Elementary Elementary FES Funding Elementary


HB 5 included a local evaluation requirement that is frequently referred to as the community engagement component. The community engagement requirement is an opportunity for districts to showcase areas of excellence and success as well as recognize areas in need of improvement and set future goals valued in the community. The statute requires each district to evaluate and designate a performance rating for the district and each of its campuses in the district based on criteria set by a local committee (TEC 39.0545). The law requires that each district and each campus be assigned a rating of exemplary, recognized, acceptable, or unacceptable.

Community and Student Engagement 2017-18 Evaluation Rubric

Attorney General Landowner's Bill of Rights - PDF

Dyslexia Plan - English - Spanish

Dyslexia State Handbook - English

ESL Plan - English - Spanish


Highly Qualified Teacher Reports

Program Coordination

Students with Disabilities

             FISD Determination Profile

State Performance Plan - Fairfield

Parent Notices and Rights

Fairfield ISD Asbestos Management Plan Notification Letter

NCLB Parent Right to Know - Teacher Qualifications - English - Spanish

NCLB Parental Involvement Newsletter

New IDEA - Special Education Services - English - Spanish

Parent Involvement & Community Empowerment:
             A Guide - Texas Education Agency

Special Education Assistance - English - Spanish

Bullying Policy and Procedures

Child Abuse Reporting

Drug Free Notice

Safe & Drug Free Education

Technology Plan


Fairfield school district and its career and technology education program does not discriminate on the basis of sex, disability, race, color, age or national origin in its educational programs, activities, or employment as required by Title IX, Section 504 and TitleVI.

Fairfield distrito escolar y su programa educacional de carrera y tecnología no discriminan en base a sexo, disabilidad, raza, color, edad u origen nacional en sus programas educativos, actividades, o empleo como lo requiere el Título IX, Sección 504, y Título VI.